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Client Spotlight // Vintage Chic

I’d like to take a little time to reminisce about a really great client I worked with last year, Vintage Chic Wedding Fair. Charlotte, the vibrant and fantastically organised owner, needed a brand that reflected her vision of the business as a modern, high-end, stylish place to find quality vintage or vintage-y items. For me, this was an amazing opportunity to develop my own style and I’m particularly proud of this lovely gemstone logo element that we agreed upon! I had such fun choosing a clean and crisp colour palette that was timeless enough to say “21st-century vintage”, and give her a versatile brand that should allow her business to grow into a new and flourishing phase.



Vintage Chic logo



After discussing the feel of the new brand, we agreed that it needed to be versatile enough to be used not just online, but also on banners, flyers and other print media. We were keen to avoid going too far down the vintage route, which online can look kitsch and tired, but we brought in some timeless visual ideas like the gemstone line art to give a sense of era-spanning splendour. In the inspiration board I was keen to hint rather than shout vintage.



Vintage Chic mood board


The final design included many of the original elements, but we went further with the design of the logo and added a circle submark.


Vintage Chic Brand Style Guide

Client Spotlight // Jo Moore

I absolutely *loved* working with this amazing Devon-based florist! Jo Moore is one of those incredible people you occasionally get to meet – passionate, vibrant, enthusiastic – who make my job so rewarding! Jo is not just a florist – she actually farms the flowers herself! So she needed a brand that celebrates not only her work but also the connection with the flowers as she sees them right the way through from seed.

After discussing initial concepts, Jo was willing to take the plunge on a bold, slightly edgy and sophisticated design scheme that I felt would help her stand her out from a reasonably crowded market and show off her beautiful work at the same time. More importantly, she’s now empowered to live the lifestyle she loves and deserves; and that’s what designing for entrepreneurs is really all about for me.

We started off with a mood board trying to capture the key ideas of the new site: pinned together with a distinctive shade of yellow and dark grey, bringing together the energy and vibrancy of springtime with a high-end luxury feel.

Mood Board Jo Moore

In this case, this front page idea popped straight into my head unannounced, so I decided to roll with that and popped her work straight in (after all, she already had oodles of gorgeous photography):

Who doesn’t love bees? Well, Jo does, since by pollinating her farm they effectively work for her for free!

This is probably one of the simplest colour palettes I’ve ever done, but I think that off-honey colour is all that was needed to communicate her vibrant, approachable attitude to business.

Full brand board for Jo Moore


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