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Welcome to the new Hedgerow Ink website!


I can tell you, I have never been more excited. I’ve been locking myself in a room all summer crafting this completely new design for Hedgerow Ink, and here we are, it’s launch day! Woo!

I hope you enjoy it. I’m really pleased with the new brand and I think it expresses what Hedgerow Ink is all about in a way that I just couldn’t before. I’m going to talk about this a lot more in a coming post: If you’re anything like me, you really won’t find it obvious when your branding isn’t quite achieving what it should or has stopped expressing what you want to express, and I’d like to share my rebranding journey with you starting with how I made my decision.

For now though, I really hope you like the new site! I really want to speak to you as much as I can, erm, before I speak to you, if that makes sense! I’ve really taken the time to work out exactly what you need to hear and tried to be myself as simply and honestly as I can, so I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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