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Blooming Divine

Suzy Cage is a modern, artisan florist providing cool arrangements for weddings in South East UK. If you had looked at her website before, you might have thought her style fussy, old-fashioned and uncreative… nothing could be further from the truth, which is why we set out to give her a look that says “this – is – me!”. Suzy needed branding with a serious edge that would let the photography of her awesome work stand out front and centre, where it belongs.

Key Words

Bold // Modern // Unique // Simple // Cool

We agreed from the start that the brand itself should be entirely monochrome to let her beautiful, colourful work stand out without competition. The coolness of the brand is pushed further by some austere metallic textures. We were drawn towards ferns as they hint at the plant-based nature of floristry but are less typical than actual flowers.

Mood Board Blooming Divine

This then developed into a bold, in-your-face logo complemented by the beautiful fractal symmetry of bracken.



Blooming-Divine logo


Blooming Divine - stamp

Behind the scenes @hedgerowink