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Harlem Carter

Harlem Carter really is… well, Harlem Carter. There’s nobody quite like the amazing Josephine Smith. Glamorous, rock ‘n’ roll fashion accessories from handbags to Mongolian goat’s wool furs! I loved this chance to work on a project with an ideal client who cannot be pigeonholed. Jo has worked incredibly hard to place her biz where it is and had massively outgrown her previous cookie-cutter website. She needed a powerful, bold-as-hell look that feels like a destination like no other while also being an easy-to-use online shop without clutter. The new design needed to be a unique experience that would roll out the red carpet instantly for its customers and make them want to come back again and again.


Key Words

Unique // Rock 'n' Roll // Glamour // Exotic // Luxe

In our discussions, we toyed with serious, fashionable blacks, gold foil, vibrant Beverley Hills pinks and greens, quirky flamingos, and more. We had such a great time throwing ideas back and forth! As the vision boiled down towards the goals set out at the beginning of the project, lots of things had to be dropped, but we did start to see a cohesive theme with real personality emerge:

Harlem Carter Inspiration Board

The final design incorporated the flamingo quite nicely into the main logo, while allowing him to be used in a variety of colourways in highly distinctive brand elements and patterns. The typography and colours have been carefully chosen not just to be bold and punchy, but also to give a sense of luxury, artisanal high-fashion.



Harlem Carter Brand Board

Harlem Carter site on iPad

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