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Six and Twenty Letters is the home of the fabulous Kate Symington. A PR, copywriting and social media management wizz, she left the corporate world to strike off on her own.

When we met she was really struggling with the branding for her new venture. She wanted a positive, uplifting brand that felt professional yet friendly, and that would look awesome on social media.

The scheme we came up with teams vibrant aqua and yellow shades for an upbeat vibe that really speaks to her audience of busy business owners. I’ve used a mid-century pattern for a slightly retro feel, complimented by a typewriter style font.

Overall the look is modern, fresh, and approachable.

Key Words
Feminine // Modern // Fresh // Friendly // Upbeat

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“Madeleine just got me and all my madness! She is kind, understanding, professional, and honest, which is a plus in my books. I truly think she is amazing at what she does - I only wish I had found her earlier! Expect results that will blow you away!”

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