Reason + Root

Reason + Root is an ethical fashion brand based in London. Having worked with Amanda the owner previously, I was lucky enough to be onboard from the very start, working with Amanda to name, strategise, and brand the fledgling company.

The ethos of reason + root is slow, simple, sustainable products, designed with purpose. The brand visuals needed to encapsulate all this, whilst still being clean, modern, and aspirational. From the beginnning we were clear that this was a more design-led brand than much of the competition, and so it was important to get the branding right from the very start.

The style is pared back, with a Scandinavian influence throughout the muted colour palette and graphic logo.

Key Words

Ethical // Simple // Sustainable // Authentic // Organic



“Madeleine just got me and all my madness! She is kind, understanding, professional, and honest, which is a plus in my books. I truly think she is amazing at what she does - I only wish I had found her earlier! Expect results that will blow you away!”

Josephine - Harlem Carter

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